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The Best Barbecue Joints in Nevada

Nevada may not have the reputation for barbecue food such as states like Tennessee, Texas, or Missouri but compared to many places in the world Nevada has some excellent BBQ shacks and restaurants. If you are a lover of the famous American barbecue and you happen to be visiting Nevada, we have put together some great suggestions to help satisfy your craving for a meaty treat.

1. BJ’s Nevada Barbecue Company – Sparks

Outside this great Nevada barbecue hangs a large yellow sign advertising Hog Wild Breakfasts, and that is just what you can start expecting in this establishment. Like many family run restaurants in Nevada things have changed little in a quarter of a century. But as the old saying goes if it is not broken, don’t try to fix it. Known for its fantastic pork, it also offers a beef brisket to rival the best of Texas BBQ’s.

2. John Mull’s Meats & Road Kill Grill – Las Vegas

What a great name for a restaurant and this BBQ joint serves fantastic food at really great prices. John Mull’s Meats & Road Kill Grill serves a variety of BBQ food including beef, pork, and quality poultry. Unusually they also sell their rubs and BBQ seasonings separately in the in-house shop, together with local cheeses and dairy.

3. Fox & Hound Smokehouse Grill & Bar – Stateline

The Fox & Hound Grill & Bar is a typical road-house dining experience, which offers fantastic views of the magnificent Carson Valley. One thing that this joint is famous for is slow smoking their meats, sometimes up to sixteen hours. Typically, they use dry rubs on all their meats and poultry which is perfect together with the smoked cooking technique. Nearby is the scenic Lake Tahoe, so if you are holidaying or visiting the popular holiday attraction make sure you pop into the Fox & Hound for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

4. Brothers Barbecue – Reno

The Brothers Barbecue is the place to go if you like typical Texas BBQ. They dry-rub their meats before cooking them over a wood-smoked barbecue. The ingredients they use for their rubs go back generations to family secret recipes which are guarded as jealously as state secrets. They even own their own mobile Smokin Barbecue trailer, which can be hired out for private events and parties.

5. Memphis Championship Barbecue – Las Vegas

The tagline that is adopted by the guys at Memphis Championship Barbecue is Barbecue Isn’t Just Food, It’s Culture. And this award-winning barbecue restaurant is a popular destination for many locals and visitors in Las Vegas. Staying loyal to great Southern barbecue their meats are slow cooked over aromatic apple wood. The Memphis-style blend of spices and other ingredients that they treat their meat with gives the fantastic Tennessee flavor which is quite a surprise in downtown Las Vegas. No other nation takes barbecue to their hearts than America. And the Southern states have perfected the slow cooking of meats almost to an art form. Even in the big cities such as Las Vegas it is still possible to get authentic barbecue that will transport you to the smoke joints of Tennessee, Texas or South Carolina.   

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