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The annual events in Las Vegas

A lot of people come to Las Vegas just for an unorganized trip to get away from work and spend long weekends with lots of entertaining activities or visiting shows and spending time in casinos. Yet many famous events happen in Vegas throughout the year. Despite sports, it has some unique shows to watch, from demolition derbies to rodeos. That is how crazy and amusing Las Vegas is! If you are planning to visit annual events, here are some recommendations what you should visit next time you are in the largest city in Nevada.

NASCAR (in March)

The event is absolutely loud, and you can hear car tires cracking when out taking the opponents. It is held in March and is one of the most popular car racing weekends of the year. The event attracts large audiences such as over 60,000 people! They spectate cars drive about four-hundred miles in total. There are people making bets on who will cross the finish line first and takes the Vegas leg prize.

Monster Jam Finals (in March)

This is some crazy and intense battle between big trucks in the demolition area. You might have seen demolition derbies before, but trust me, this World Finals day is as exciting as ever. Seeing huge trucks destroying each other is on another level of fun! Also, with some extra money put on a ticket, you can see exclusive stuff regarding the event and get a closer seat to experience the wreckages.

World Series of Poker (in June – July)

The poker event where ten million dollars are waiting at the end of the tournament for one lucky winner. It is not just a poker game; it is a pretty crucial thing there. Every year over 6,500 players compete in an annual event of poker and must start with a $10,000 buy-in to enter the table. If you are planning to enter the competition, you better start learning how to bluff now!

Atomic Liquor’s Sour Saturday (in November)

Coming to Vegas you won’t find many festivals regarding craft beer, however, there is an annual one called Atomic Liquor’s Sour Saturday, and that makes it more exciting. It is not just a typical craft beer event where the only thing is different is the alcohol’s volume, but Sour Saturday concentrates on offering a lot of exclusive sour beers. Likewise, bottles come from different states and they are usually limited and occasional that you cannot find in stores. Be ready to taste some unique sour beers.

National Finals Rodeo (in December)

Everybody in Las Vegas knows when the National Finals Rodeo comes to town because the city turns into a whole bunch collection of cowboy hats. The event runs in the most festive season of the year and it is sometimes called Christmas for Cowboys. The final event of the rodeo circuit is annually held in Vegas and is as popular as NFL’s annual championship Super Bowl that attracts thousands of people. During National Finals Rodeo, visitors can also compete in many coordinated games and win prizes. All you must do is saddle up and be prepared to feel the western lifestyle.     

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