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Politics and the law in Nevada

The success of Nevada as a state has certainly been influenced by certain laws that have passed in the region. While some people have been attracted into the area as a result of the laws that have been passed, it is also true to say that the complete opposite has also applied.

Economically, Nevada has benefited from the Adult Entertainment industry and certain laws have been implemented that has made the region even more popular to the older generations. The Adult entertainment industry has created so much economic wealth for the State and a lot people have made an awful lot of money from the industry.

A legal brothel in Nevada

Without it, the region would be nowhere near as prosperous as it is today. It is basically a semi-arid state, and without the odd mineral being located, there is very little else to attract people into the area. So many people make their living as a result of the success of the industry. They may not be directly employed by them, but they may provide services or even sell goods to them. The catering and hotel industry is huge. All of the people who wish to take advantage of the State’s laws need a bed to sleep in and they need to be fed. The urban areas have big retail complex, but without the money of the industry coming into the region, there would be very few people who would be able to shop in them.

In 1931 Nevada legalized gambling and this was initial spur for people to be attracted into the casinos. This was helped by the State’s attitude towards prostitution, as Nevada is the only State in the country that has legalized it. There are strictly regulated brothels that operate in the more rural counties away from the urban centres.

This environment has attracted many people into the region. People think they can gamble drink and buy a lady in Las Vegas. Many do so, but it is illegal to buy a lady in the city. If they wish to do it legally, they need to go and find a regulated brothel in the countryside. The State’s attitude towards the sale of alcohol is liberal. Bars are able to remain open for 24 hours a day, and this has proved essential in the casinos. It is now legal for over-21-year olds to possess and use marijuana, and it can be purchased through state-licensed retail outlets.

Nevada is famous for its divorce laws

During the 1970s Nevada made it easier for married couples to be granted a divorce. In other areas of the country it was really difficult to be granted a divorce. Nevada’s attitude would result in unhappy couples visiting the region to get separated.

Another way Nevada has made the State more attractive for adults is through its tax policies. There is no income tax for people who work in the State, and there is no corporate income tax. This has been implemented to encourage individuals and businesses to move into the area. Nevada gets its income from its sales tax rate. This varies from county to county and will include tax on hotel rooms. In a way, the politicians are trying to lessen the taxes on their residents by taking money off the tourists that are visiting the region.

Nevada’s use of its laws to attract people into the area has continued with its attitude towards same sex couples. In 2014 gay marriage was made legal and this followed the 2009 bill that gave gay people the same human rights as everybody else. The adult entertainment industry in Nevada is a massive success, and it has been helped by the bills that have been passed by the State’s local government.

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