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Getting Married in Las Vegas

We have seen in it in many comedic films where drunken characters wake up in the morning and they find out as part of the previous night’s revelries they got married. This may be to some extent true, but it still does not deter from the fact that Las Vegas is a highly popular place to get married. Some wedding parlors will provide just about everything, including themed costumes, best men, bridesmaids, witnesses, master of ceremonies, marriage certificates and just about anything else you can think of.

The Price

For couples who travel to Vegas with the intention of getting married they do so for a myriad of reasons, and one very valid one is cost. Many people find the option of getting married outside their homes, perhaps in their honeymoon location, a great way of saving money. All the surplus extended guests do not need budgeting for, and you only have to concentrate on family and close friends. Tying the knot can be one of the most expensive things you ever do, but the average wedding ceremony in Las Vegas costs just $500, albeit you will have to pay extra for transport and accommodation.

Easy & Convenient

Trying to arrange a traditional wedding can take months if not years, finding the right venue, locating a vicar or master of ceremonies, transporting the guest from church to hotel for the wedding breakfast, organizing hairdressers and photographers, getting the gown and wedding suits fitted… the list goes on and on. In Vegas getting a marriage license is so easy, and it will cost you under $80, and to help you the Marriage License Bureau has extended opening hours. Reserving your chapel is also a piece of cake, most will secure you a slot either the same or the next day, as they are used to turning wedding parties over in a fast and efficient manner.

No Stress

One of the biggest headaches trying to arrange a wedding is to bring many different facets together and coordinate them for the same time. You can forget all this hassle in Vegas, most chapels in Las Vegas are one stop shops that provide absolutely everything. They will take care of every detail for you for a very modest fee. They will even supply wedding gowns, and ensure fresh flowers are there to greet you on arrival. You just pay your money and show up on time.

Photo Locations

One of your lasting memories of your big day are the wedding day photographs and Las Vegas provides the perfect backdrop for some spectacular wedding photographs. There are literally hundreds of different locations you can choose from in this glittering city. From desert scenes to downtown Vegas and the swanky hotels. Perhaps the Bellagio Fountains will provide the perfect backdrop or in front of the iconic Las Vegas sign. And when your wedding day is over you can have your honeymoon in one of the most famous entertainment capitals in the world. So, it is hardly surprising that so many people opt to get married in Las Vegas if you think about it. 

Las Vegas sign
Las Vegas sign

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